an Original Animanga Lore-Based Fantasy Sandbox roleplay
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Ploria is an original Animanga Lore-Base Fantasy Sandbox roleplay, set in another world called Loria. It heavily pulls from high fantasy ideas but is a distinguishable multi-genre role-play. The world Loria is divided by five factions, each faction has its own goal in the Lore, as a player; players can help push this lore or be the ones to completely change the course of the plot by killing important characters/npc, and making sub-factions. Players will have a chance to fight hordes of enemies, fall in love with Kings/Queens, help build nations, or conquer them. While the world is a war with, a brewing evil is raging in the far distant lands. Salvation is coming....

You've made it this far, now will you change the world or will you be the one to destroy it? Perhaps both....
An Original Animanga Lore-Base Fantasy roleplay
Cityscapes Premade Theme Punki of Adoxography & Pixel Perfect
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Year 104 AD
The Next update will happen on the date shown above, however players can expect the following: Patch 1.2: The increase in level cap, level cap will be extended to level 50. All new mobs, bosses and events will in this expansion pack. Look forward to exploring the Elven and Dwarf land; more unique dungeons, and raids will be coming soon.
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